Revlon HD Lip Lacquer 550 Citrine

Revlon HD Lip Lacquer 550 Citrine


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  • Lip lacquer with Revlon wax-free gel technology
  • True color clarity, vivid high-impact shine and a bouncy, lightweight feel
  • Includes professionally inspired brush applicator
  • Available in 15 high-definition, silky shades

Beautiful lacquered gloss. Bouncy, light color.

Lip lacquer is wax-free with our innovative wax-free gel technology. Get true color clarity, vivid high-impact shine, and a light, voluminous feel. Available in 15 high definition shades.

Why do we love it?

- On-trend look: With your favorite Revlon Ultra HD lip lacquer shade, you can create a modern high-gloss look, a modern pearl-shimmering look, and more.

Wax-Free Gel Technology: Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacer's 100% wax-free gel formula feels light and voluminous on your lips.

The model is wearing Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in ruby ​​pink.

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