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Pigeon Streachable Wide Neck Nipples B786


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The  Pacifier / Teat Peristáltica Boca Ancha  size L, is ideal for  babies  2-3 months more  because it has a fast flow orifice and is designed especially for when  babies  are dissatisfied with the  M or Y size . This product stretches up to 5mm at the moment of suction, in order to fit into the "suction pit" (indentation in the upper part of the palate) which makes feeding your little one easier.

- Fast flow teat  .

- Specially designed for  babies  who are  not satisfied with M or Y

- BPA free.

- Wide neck that adapts to other bottles.

- Includes  2 units .

Available in Stores and Online @ ENEM MALL Liberty/DHA Lahore

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