Viper Elite Lipgloss 203

Viper Elite Lipgloss 203


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Vipera Elite Lip Gloss Matt this is the one of natural ultra-shine Lip Gloss. 

Capacity: 3,5 ml

Expiry date: above 30 months + 12 months after opening

  •  A superbly delicate Lip Gloss works with a curved silicone applicator to give your lips an even shine of deep color
  • Its light gel texture melts into the skin and leaves a pleasant sensation on the lips
  • A rich and velvety formula guarantees coloralong with glossy shine
  • A composition of 100% natural ingredients that come from organic farming, controls formula stickiness and delivers long-lasting hydration (Cremerlin PURA , Mango Oil, Special Composition of Waxes

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