Rigel Jasmine Hair Oil Hair Care 200 Ml

Rigel SKU: 8884202
Rigel Jasmine Hair Oil Hair Care 200 Ml

Rigel Jasmine Hair Oil Hair Care 200 Ml

Rigel SKU: 8884202
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Sparkle with boldness and courage along sweet Jasmine Scented Hair Oil from now! Jasmine Essential Oil For Hair gives non-sticky texture with utmost nutrients.

The plant of white flowers, pictorially charismatic and sweetly scented, believed to originate from Iran is said to be a sensation for treating various health and hair concerns. The fragrance of jasmine hair oil is known primarily for its boosting and uplifting properties and is used in herbal medicines. It is believed that it leaves a fantastic effect on the mind by making it relaxed and calm.

Jasmine Hair Oil:

When you profoundly take care of yourself, your health starts to bloom. The same lies for hairs. The more you care for hair, the better it is going to be. Most of you know that jasmine is a plant used in aromatherapy, green tea, and different scents. But the plant with pleasing and prepossessing white flowers with breath-taking aroma has also been used in making your hair healthy. Jasmine Hair Oil is applied onto the hair and scalp to make it healthy, clean, and shiny.

Use Jasmine Scented Hair Oil to improve hair health:

Jasmine Scented Hair Oil, designed for every kind of hair, makes the hair healthy and grow faster. It not only makes the hair healthy but leaves a calming and refreshing aroma in hair. The aphrodisiac fragrance with antiseptic properties eliminates the infections as well as dandruff from the scalp. By providing hundreds of hair benefits, it is a proven, chemical-free treatment to enhance hair quality.

Fights scalp infections: 

Jasmine Hair Oil contains antiseptic properties that simply purify the scalp from bacteria. Moreover, it reduces dandruff and flakiness from the scalp that leads to breakage of hair.

Makes the hair soft:

Curly hair is often brittle, weak, and dry. With the moisturizing properties, it nourishes the hair from inside, leaving it moisturized and detangled.

Frizz-free hair:

Jasmine oil nurtures your hair deeply and makes the moisture locked in your scalp and hair so that it detangles and softens the frizz at once. The best method to tame frizz is to use it in combination with coconut hair oil.

Leaves the hair sweetly scented:

The most lovely and aromatic flower is considered to calm the nerves. When applied on hair, Jasmine Oil leaves a lasting and refreshing fragrance that persists even after washing.

Jasmine Essential Oil For Hair

Jasmine is among the most lovely and enchanted flowers. This Oil For Hair not only makes it soft, shiny, and healthy but prevents breakage and hair loss. A lot of ways and hacks are there to use this sweet and refreshing oil.

  1. Make a nourishing conditioner by taking 1 part of jasmine oil with three parts of grapeseed Oil, argan oil, or almond oil. Mix well, apply on wet hair and leave it for five minutes. Rinse it off with cold water. Your hair will get smoother and shinier.
  2. Use as a deep conditioner. Just apply ½ avocado with one banana, one tablespoon olive oil, one tablespoon Jasmine Essential Oil and one tablespoon honey. Mix it well and apply thoroughly on hair and scalp, and then leave on for twenty minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water., to restore strength and moisture.

You can also use jasmine oil in aromatherapy as well as in diffusers. Aromatherapy helps to treat mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and insomnia by making the brain relaxed. When inhaled, it leaves a relaxing and soothing effect on the nervous system. Furthermore, it also increases alertness, activeness, as well as energy levels of the brain.


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