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New York Oud by Bond No 9 perfume is a scent of contradictions. This New York Oud eau de parfum gives oud the most urbanized and modernized facet. The New York Oud Eau de Parfum by Bond No 9 lets you roam the streets and smell in the fresh and intoxicating scent of your favorite city through your olfactory senses. The perfumers have completely transformed the oud as you know it. The oud here is given a smooth, creamy, and velvety texture; its traditional scent replaced with a dynamic, self-assured one to match the New York energy. This fragrance is available in the brand's trademark superstar bottle. The gunmetal gray finish with hints of gold perfectly resembles the city's evening sky readying to welcome twilight. Top Notes This New York Oud by Bond No 9 fragrance has top notes of intimate saffron, lively orange zest, and succulent red plum. Saffron gives the perfume a soft, earthy, bittersweet scent that resembles notes of leather and amber. Orange zest gives a citrusy, sour, and mood uplifting aroma. Middle Notes The heart of this New York Oud eau de parfum beats with the notes of patchouli, orris root, rose, and agarwood. Patchouli gives off a scent that seduces and intoxicates the mind of everyone it enters into. Orris root has a powdery, starchy, violet-like scent. Rose has a fragrance that can be termed as purely romantic and feminine. Shelling away its most prized traditional layers, oud here showcases its never seen before side, which is smoother, creamier, and very metropolitan. Base Notes The base notes of this Bond No 9 New York Oud eau de parfum are constructed using vetiver, musk, and honey. Vetiver has a stable, poignant, earthy scent with hints of bitter chocolate and smoke. Musk carries the warm and sensual scent of skin. Honey blows in a sweet, and delicious scent.

At Bond No. 9, the Oud has come out of the closet and transformed itself into a smooth, full-throttle New York-centric perfume. What a paradox! Who knew? But then, New York is a place where impossible, magical paradoxes come true.

Notes: Red Plum, Saffron, Orange Zest, Oud, Red Rose, Orris, Patchouli, Musk, Honey and Vetiver

Available in Stores and Online @ ENEM MALL Liberty/DHA Lahore

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