Cameras Pentax 160 ZOOM

Cameras Pentax 160 ZOOM


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  • Powerful 38 to 160mm zoom lens
  • Passive 5-point autofocus, 6-segment metering
  • Built-in flash with red-eye reduction
  • 10-second self-timer and date imprinting feature
  • LCD corrected viewfinder

The user-friendly mode dial of the Pentax IQ Zoom 160 camera lets you turn the power on and off, as well as select the mode you want - including panorama - with just a twist of the dial. It has a large, easy-to-read LCD instruction panel that displays all of the camera's settings and indicators. The actual-image zoom viewfinder switches from standard view to panorama, so you can see exactly what your image will look like when you switch from one format to the other. Even difficult shooting situations are no problem thanks to the five-point passive autofocus system and the six-segment multipattern metering system.

The large LCD instruction panel is easy-to-read and automatically lights up so, whether it's day or night, you can see the all of the information you need to operate the camera, including: exposure counter, battery exhaustion warning, panorama, infinity -landscape, spot AF, flash-on, flash-off, red-eye reduction, self-timer, and multiexposure.

Employing automatic LCD parallax compensation, the actual-image viewfinder is able to display the framing area with precision. If you want to capture the whole scene, you can switch to panorama mode - even in midroll. The IQZoom 160 automatically provides a view of the new panorama area via the viewfinder. It gives you several indicators, including: focus and flash status, infinity-landscape mark, panorama-format picture area, close-distance compensation frame, five-point AF frame, and spot AF frame. This viewfinder also has an adjustable diopter, which allows you to adjust the image to match your eyesight.

Conditions that would normally "fool" a camera, like shooting through a glass window or an off-center subject, come out perfectly focused with the IQZoom 160's phase-matching five-point passive autofocus system. Even difficult lighting situations are no problem with the help of the highly accurate six-segment multipattern metering system. It measures the current lighting conditions, ensuring that your images get optimum exposure, no matter the conditions. The automatic backlight compensation feature fires the flash during backlight conditions to properly expose the subject.

You can zoom in to catch subtle details of your subject, or zoom out to capture the entire scene with the 38-160mm power zoom lens. Even when you forget to turn the power off, the IQZoom 160 retracts the lens to the original position to protect it against damage. The multiexposure mode lets you flex your creative muscles by allowing you to combine two or more exposures on a single frame.

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