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Pigeon Baby Soft Tuch PP Nursing Bottle 3M+ 2PK 240ml 26205 (A)


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  • Bottle's capacity is 240 ml
  • The teat is soft and flexible so that the baby's delicate mouth does not get hurt
  • The wide neck and texture allows the baby to latch on the bottle without difficulty
  • Wave-like structure improves the natural peristaltic movement and helps in swallowing
  • The AVS prevents air- pressure to build up and cause clogging
  • BPA-free product

Pigeon Soft Touch Peristaltic Plus Bottle 2`S is the perfect nursing bottle for your hungry babies. It supports a longer feeding time because it has the capacity for 240ml milk. The bottle has been created through extensive pediatric research. Thus, the bottles replicate a natural breastfeeding mechanism. The teats are soft, flexible, and well-sized. They have a wide neck and textured surface that allows the baby to easily latch on the bottle. More importantly the wave-like design copies that peristaltic movement and enhances swallowing in babies. We assure you that the teat will prevent any choking or clogging troubles when the baby is feeding due to the Air Ventilation System (AVS).

Available in Stores and Online @ ENEM MALL Liberty/DHA Lahore

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